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January 12
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    Winter League Play off Dates


    Forrest Little Winter League Groups and match play dates

    All Matches to be played in Foursomes

    Matches are over 12 Holes

    Group A


    Dimpled Balls

    Play Off Team 1

    Group B


    The Long Putters

    Play of team 2

    Group C

    The Long Balls

    Putt Pirates


    Group D

    Tee Party

    Fair Way to Heaven

    Puff Caddies


    Play offs

    (1)   13th Jan Sultans of Swing v Ball Washers

    (2)   14th Jan The Wedgies V Who’s Your Caddie


    Group Stages

    20th Jan

    Strokers V Dimpled Balls

    Wormburners V The Long Putters


    21st Jan

    The Long Balls V Putt Pirates

    Tee Party V Fairway to Heaven


    27th Jan

    The Long Balls V Fore

    Tee Party V Puff Caddies


    28th Jan

    Strokers V Playoff winner 1

    Wormburners v Playoff winner 2


    3rd Feb

    Dimpled Balls V Playoff winner 1

    The Long Putters V Playoff winner 2


    4th Feb

    Putt Pirates V Fore

    Fairway to Heaven V Puff Caddies



    Semi Finals                         Group A Winners   V Group D Winners

    Date Tbc                              Group B Winners V Group C Winners


    Finals                                     Saturday 3rd March