Club Bye-Law concerning use of Buggies.

1. Members/Visitors over the age of 65
Such members may use buggies on the course, subject to adhering to the regulations listed below.
2. Members/Visitors under the age of 65 and over 18 years
The use of buggies is subject to adhering to the following bye-laws.
Members or visitors in charge of buggies must hold a current drivers license.
Members or visitors may use a buggy in competitions including opens / semi-opens, invitations and classics with the exception of those specifically listed below.
All Ladies & Mens Monthly Medal Competitions.( March to October )
Ladies & Mens P.G.A.Tankard.
Ladies & Mens Captains Prize.
Ladies Captains Prize to Men.
Captains Prize to Ladies.
Mens & Ladies Presidents Prize.
Presidents Prize to Ladies.
Mens & Ladies Vice- Captains Prize.
Professional Prize to Men & Ladies.
Scratch Cups: Junior – Intermediate.
Club Cup - Allshire Cup – Hamill Cup – Club Mixed Foursomes (Qualifying & Matchplay)
Challenge Cup and Phoenix Trophy.
Other competitions which the Committee/Council may specifically designate.
People under the age of 65 and over 18 wishing to use buggies in the above competitions must present a Doctors Certificate stating that they require a buggy to play golf.
The Certificate must state that the person concerned is unable to play golf in the future unless he/she uses a buggy. (The provision of one initial certificate will suffice)
The Certificate must state that the person concerned is unable to play golf for a defined period unless he/she uses a buggy. (Certificate is current for that defined period only).
There is no requirement for the caring practitioner to provide any medical information or diagnosis in relation to the person concerned.
The Certificate should be provided directly to the Secretary Manager who will advise the relevant Competition Secretaries that a Certificate for buggy use has been
received. Note: In the case of 1 above this would be the case where the person has a disability.
In the case of 2 above this would be the case where the person has had treatment/surgery for a particular problem and it is anticipated that they will return to full fitness
Partners, or fellow competitors, playing with persons using buggies may not be carried or have their clubs carried, in the buggy during competitions (unless they are entitled to the use of a buggy).
Persons under 18 years of age are not allowed on a buggy at any time (whether in competition or otherwise)
(Penalty for breach of above bye law is disqualification).
For Golf Ireland Competitions please refer to their respective tournament conditions booklets.
All buggy owners are subject to the byelaws governing their use.
From 26th January 2009 potential owners must first obtain prior approval from the club to store his/her buggy. All owners must have their buggy details recorded by the Club.
A golf buggy is deemed to be a motorised vehicle under the Road Traffic Act and, as such, must be insured, covering personal liability, fire, and theft. Evidence of such insurance must be submitted annually to the club.
You must sign a disclaimer, absolving the club of any liability for damage caused to, or by the buggy.
The Club will issue badges identifying authorised owners and these, as well as current membership badges, must be displayed on buggies.
Buggies are parked at “Owners Risk” on all club property.
Buggies must always be maintained in prime mechanical condition and the club may seek assurance of this at any time.
Buggies must have a lock/clamp, or other disabling device fitted, to prevent unauthorized use or theft.
You will be responsible for the removal from club property of buggies no longer in use, due to failure or any other cause.